"The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself; everything that you want, you already are".




Welcome to Somatic Inner Journey! I am Vismaya Nice Genise,

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and a Holistic Counsellor, with a passion for meditation and self-discovery.

Anxiety, sexual trauma, PTSD, early developmental trauma, syndromes, surgical trauma, high impact trauma as well as giving space to any sort of exploration and self enquiries are some of the areas I can support you with.

I really value the trauma work and I know how critical and needed it is in this age we are living in. The recent global events have exponentially increased a sense of anxiety and fear, what could be called "global trauma". The work I do can really help to deal with changed circumstances,  the sense of helplessness and vulnerability that at times can envelop us, shrinking down our vitality. 


Working in a gentle and empathic way, giving the body and the mind time to unwind at their own pace;  finding the intrinsic resources and capabilities to restore a sense of goodness and wellbeing; giving voice to the untold, being heard and deeply understood with compassion and presence. All of this can be a catalyst for the profound change and the support we are yearning for in our life. 

It took a lifetime for me to acquire the tools that I believe have impacted me and radically transformed me. And it is my greatest honour to offer them to the world.

I am up for an informal chat before starting the work together, to introduce you to the work I do and come to know you and the best way I can support you in your journey. Feel free to contact me and let's talk!



(+44) 07747343362